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Have your own HOME-OFFICE!

Working at home becomes to be more and more popular as long as most of office jobs can be on laptop and updated by internet. I am the same kind of worker, which means and spend lots of my life time sitting on the office-chair and looking into computer screen
Jul  17

How to make books decor your home?

I just love to have book around myself. I read them or wish to read some day, get them for every possibile ocassion, collect them. I put them on bookshelves with tenderness and can’t imagine better interior decoration. Homes without books are cold, soulless, impersonal.
Jul  12

Geometry-trend - DIY!

There are lots of beautiful trends in interior design we would like to follow in our homes. Unfortunately none of us has too much time to have them all. I try to be smart-follower ;) and that’s why I never dream about impossible things like for example rebuilding my apartament from scratch. However it doesn’t mean that once arranged interior can stay the same for the rest of my life, no way! I love changes, I just do my best not to overdose it and make it rather fun, than hard work and family-life complication.
Jul  04

Visiting Ingrid Jansen's house

I love to visit beautiful and unique houses that inspire me to change something in my own place. Today I came round to Ingrid Jansen’s house and I must say I’m totally delighted. Most of apartments I have presented here, on this blog, were rather monochromatic and calm.
Jun  30

5 top things you can find at a flea market!

Summer is definitely the time of flea-markets. In my city there are few of them, organised by local goverment to make the city center more attractive for tourists and citizens. I love the atmosphere of these old-fashioned things, stuff you can absolutely live without, but you buy it anyway.
Jun  26

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