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    5 top things you can find at a flea market!


    5 top things you can find at a flea market!

    Summer is definitely the time of flea-markets. In my city there are few of them, organised by local goverment to make the city center more attractive for tourists and citizens. I love the atmosphere of these old-fashioned things, stuff you can absolutely live without, but you buy it anyway.
    There are few things I’m hunting for at the moment, despite I could easily found very similar vintage-stylised new substitutes. I have a list of most wanted interior accessories/furnitures that I hope to find at a flea-market some day (or on local action site).

    First thing I would be very happy to find is the old scissor lamp. This can be wall- or floor-lamp, it really doesn’t matter. I just love the breath of industrial style that such lamps have.
    Second: wall-clock. Old railway clock or wooden pendulum clock, taken straight from my grandparents childhood times.
    Third: big wine bottle. No, I don’t want to make my own home-made alcohol (but on the other hand - why not?), I just really miss the charm of these blue, brown and green bottles decorating Scandinavian floors, sideboards and tables.
    My number four wish is the medical glass-door cabinet. For my mom this idea seems a little creepy but I adore these as a piece of home furniture.
    The fifh most wanted thing would be the old wall neon. This is going to be the hardest thing to buy, because of two things: most of them are just to big for standard-size apartments and they can be very expensive as well. Anyway I’m not going to give up!
    See you at the flea-market then! ;)

    Jun  26
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