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Visiting Ingrid Jansen's house


Visiting Ingrid Jansen's house

I love to visit beautiful and unique houses that inspire me to change something in my own place. Today I came round to Ingrid Jansen’s house and I must say I’m totally delighted. Most of apartments I have presented here, on this blog, were rather monochromatic and calm. This one is much different. It flashes with colors and many various styles that unexpectedly fit each other in perfect harmony. You can see old metal industrial-style closet and vase full of romantic wild flowers, classic leather sofa and colorful crochet decorations. There is a bit of retro-vintage style, but also few of raw industrial accents, and all of these have the background of white.
Who is the owner of this original place? Ingrid is a Dutch designer, she created her own brand WOOD, WOOL & STOOL. On her site she writes about herself with these words: Early 2008 I started a little company called WOOD & WOOL STOOL. A few years ago I designed my first recycled wooden stool with a crocheted cover for my home. After some requests I decided to make custommade stools for other people and that is how it all started. Since then I've made a lot of stools and designed meanwhile several other interior products. The products are all handmade and have something to do with (recycled) wood, wool, crochet and color.

We can easily see that her home, her passion and sense of business get on well with each other. See the pictures of it and fall in love, like I have.
Jun  30

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