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    Geometry-trend - DIY!


    Geometry-trend - DIY!

    There are lots of beautiful trends in interior design we would like to follow in our homes. Unfortunately none of us has too much time to have them all. I try to be smart-follower ;) and that’s why I never dream about impossible things like for example rebuilding my apartament from scratch. However it doesn’t mean that once arranged interior can stay the same for the rest of my life, no way! I love changes, I just do my best not to overdose it and make it rather fun, than hard work and family-life complication.
    When I fell in love with geometric prints I knew this was one of these easy-to-do things I will do on my own some day. I started to search for some inspiration in invaluable Pinterest.

    At first I wanted to have some geometry on my mini chest-of-drawers where I keep my office-stuff, as they were made of raw wood and very easy to cover with some paints. Another idea came for my boys’ room. I was inspired by geometry-covered walls pictures and kids’ room seemed to be perfect for such solution. I chose simple print which is associated with mountain tops. Grey was supposed to be a good color for base, as kids usually have too many different colors in rooms they live in.

    Now see the inspirations and results of my work! :)
    Jul  04
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