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    How to make books decor your home?


    How to make books decor your home?

    I just love to have books around myself. I read them or wish to read some day, get them for every possibile occasion, collect them. I put them on bookshelves with tenderness and can’t imagine better interior decoration. Homes without books seem cold, soulles and impersonal to me.
    I have thought about their meaning in interior decor many times. Should they stay the items of daily use, being an ornament only by the way or should they become a decoration in the true meaning of the word? And if so can we arrange their look to make them fit to interior style?

    First way of arranging books is to catalogue them by the subjects. This way is close to the base meaning of books and bring the look of nice mish-mash.
    Second way is the rainbow look. This is my favourite one when it comes to look, although it's not too practical, when the book about Second World War history is a neighbour of cookbook.
    Another way of keeping books is turning them spines to wall. This way is especially prefered by minimalistic and monochromatic interiors lovers. For me – total misunderstanding, but I know few followers.
    The forth one is super-pedantic. To have it we need white or any other color paper and lots of patience. This might be good if you like to have monochromatic look and know where the particular titles are. It requires much, much work but can be worth it.




    Jul  12
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