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    Have your own HOME-OFFICE!


    Have your own HOME-OFFICE!

    Working at home becomes to be more and more popular as long as most of office jobs can be on laptop and updated by internet. I am the same kind of worker, which means and spend lots of my life time sitting on the office-chair and looking into computer screen. First I didn’t pay too much attention on my comfort. I was rather focused on having nice place, than to make it functional. I chose a chair which almost killed my spine and had mess around me that almost destroyed my nerves. Fortunatelly it didn’t take long to realise how important is to organise the place I spend so much time and how to make it friendly to its owner.

    First and most important thing is the chair. It needs to suport your spine and make you feel very comfortable. Plastic, wooden, metal chairs can be good for short-sit. The office chair needs to suport you for many, many hours of work.

    Second thing is to have as many drawers, boxes or baskets as possible – to keep all the papers in great order. It is not „The perfect housewife” competition, it’s just a favour you give to yourself. Looking for some important dokument in a big rush can be very stressful. Don’t let it happen, ever.

    Third point of arranging home office is to have some piece of board to white something down quickly for example during the phone-call. Besides it’s really good to have important notes just in front of your eyes. It reduces the risk of forgetting things.

    Now see the gallery of few different style home-offices inspirations and my proposal of arranging your private place to work! :)

    Jul  17
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