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    Have you ever dreamed of your own seaside retreat? There’s something incredibly relaxing in the sounds of the waves, a view of an endless horizon, a smell of salt water, and seagulls cawing in the distance. Beach House style allows you to easily recreate this unique warm atmosphere in your home. The focus is on the cool palette of colours that reflect the colours of sea, sky, clouds and sand. Thus, white and all shades of blue dominate the look, complemented with sandy hues and natural-finish woods. Natural materials, wiped fabrics and raw-looking surfaces are yet another key feature of the nautical home decor - go for cotton pillowcases, linen curtains, wicker or seagrass baskets and canvas upholstery to infuse the space with this relaxed unpretentious holiday vibe.

    Beach House Dining Room

    In a Beach House dining room, it is the colours that do most of the work. Usually, it is a combination of white, shades of blue and sand hues. Occasional splashes of other ‘coastal line’ colours - eg. greens, browns, pale pinks - appear mostly in their washed-out versions, as if faded in the sun. To keep the light inside throughout the whole year, decide on white walls, maybe decorating one of them using a mural wallpaper with seaside motifs - seashells and starfish or an old wood fence pattern will look the part. In every dining room, the focus is on a dining table and the Beach House style likes them large and wooden - either in a natural faded oak colour or in a combination with white or blue. The same goes for dining chairs - a set of white, blue and natural wood colour rustic chairs will add to the whole maritime atmosphere. Finish the Beach House look with ocean-themed decorations - a round mirror on a chain, pendant lamps with bottle glass shades, wicker lanterns or wooden storage boxes - and enjoy the relaxing holiday ambience the whole year round!

    Beach House Bedroom for Kids

    If there are any little buccaneers or pirates at home, Beach House interior design style is a great way to create a fun kids bedroom. The dominant white with elements of blue, a palette typical of the Beach House, create a sense of space in the room. With that thought in mind, choose accessories and decorations that will add to the adventurous climate of a pirate island. Look for mural wallpapers with cartoon sea animals, blue bean bags, pirate ship bunk beds, anchor pattern curtains or blue and white desk chairs. Throw in a wooden treasure chest, a sandy children’s rug and a striped white and red blanket with matching throw pillows and let the kids take over!

    A kids bedroom in the Beach House style with white and blue as dominant colours. A lighthouse table lamp, two porthole mirrors and a striped blanket complete the maritime look.

    Did you know?

    The fashion for the maritime style was ‘accidentally’ started by Queen Victoria on the occasion of a ship cruise when she dressed young Prince Edward in a cute sailor uniform in white and blue stripes. Interior designers quickly adopted the style, finding inspiration in the ship cabins or fishermen villages. With a course of time, the Beach House evolved, sprouting a more sophisticated version called the Hamptons style. The name comes from the Long Island village in the state of New York, famous for posh summer residences of wealthy Americans. Hamptons style enriches the Beach House’s colour palette with the glamour of silver and gold. It resigns from typical nautical patterns like seashells or anchors, etc. and focuses instead on the elegant decorations and colours - dominant white, with other seaside landscape colours mostly in the decoration pieces.

    A Beach House style nathroom with blue walls and a round mirror over a white bathroom cabinet. A wooden chair complements the look.

    Beach House Bathroom

    There’s no better place to employ the Beach House style than a bathroom. Think of white bathroom cabinets with wooden elements and complement the look with blue accents, be it turquoise towels neatly stowed on a bathroom shelf, a fluffy navy blue bathroom rug, or a sky blue laundry basket. A lovely bathroom shelf with Greek mosaic tiles on the front and convenient hooks will highlight the maritime atmosphere of the interior even more. Choose ocean-themed decorations: seashells, round mirrors on chains resembling portholes on a ship, wicker storage baskets and ceramic lanterns. An atmospheric canvas print with a pier or dunes will be a great final touch.

    Expert's advice

    Beach House interior design style will surely seduce those who favour simplicity with a carefree twist. It may as well be the easiest style to adopt, as it is based on the combination of two colours - white and blue. The use of white and all shades of blue being the key feature, occasional beige and other coastal colours may appear, backed by wooden elements. The white, used mostly in upholstery, walls and curtains, introduces clean minimalism, which is enlivened by the bluish decorative pieces - throw pillows, carpets, ceramics, etc. The idea is to get a look that will remind you of a warm sunny beach and fresh ocean breeze, in other words, an atmosphere of relaxation and lightheartedness.

    A living room in a Beach House style with a breathtaking view on a sea. The interior is dominated by blues and whites, with wooden elements - a wicker basket or a frame of the coffee table - complementing the look.
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