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    Boho is thought to be the most creative and colourful of all interior design styles. Imagine a patchwork quilt and you’ll get an idea of what boho style means. It’s a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns, textures and... no rules. Inspired by gipsies’ unconventional nomadic way of living, the Bohemian style incorporates influences of many cultures and periods. The multitude of inspirations and no clear guidelines give you the freedom to mix colours and fabrics. Colourful walls, patchwork sofas and armchairs, hand-made rugs, oriental lanterns and ethnic decorations should all find their place in a boho style home. Metal elements will emphasize the coziness of upholstered chairs, patchwork cotton throws will highlight the elegance of a brown leather sofa, colourfull patterned cushions will nicely complement low rattan coffee tables, landing an oriental feel to your interior. Don’t worry about the chaos and let your creativity act!
    A spacious, colorful interior with a large sofa in the middle. The sofa as well as on the carpet are full of various size cushions with geometric patterns. Every space is filled with beautiful decorations, small coffee tables and some green plants.

    Boho Living Room

    Unconventional combinations of materials, colours and patterns allow you to create unusual interiors. When arranging your living room, you are welcome to draw inspiration from all cultures and time periods. Whatever you’ve gathered or inherited throughout your life can be used. Don’t worry if the elements don’t really match each other. They shouldn’t. Fantasy and a bit of chaos is the soul of this style. Be an anarchist! Include patterned carpets, hand-made table runners, curtains and wall rugs with an ethnic motif or colourful canvas. Seems like an unnecessary excess? No such thing in boho style! In fact, you should add some decorations: throw pillows, dream catchers and other trinkets. To emphasize the cozy atmosphere of the boho interior, use a gently diffused lighting of fabric shade floor lamps or oriental lanterns. Don’t be afraid of bold colours. Be ready to mix textures. Simply allow yourself to experiment, as boho style gives you freedom.

    Boho Dining Room

    The boho style gives you a wonderful opportunity to let loose your imagination without worrying about the conventions. When arranging a boho style dining room, feel free to mix furniture of different styles and materials. Match a large wooden dining table with colourful plastic chairs or an old chest of drawers with modern metal decorations. The boho style doesn’t like empty walls. Decorate your dining room walls with colourful, patterned wall rugs, framed cult posters, dreamcatchers or a large glamour style mirror in a golden frame. Don’t forget about ornate window curtains, vivid colour carpets in ethnic patterns and green plants. The whole interior should be cheerful and cozy. Possibilities are endless and only your imagination is the limit.

    A large, wooden elliptical dining table in the middle of boho style arranged dining room. The dining chairs around the table are in pastel colours. A mid-century chest of drawers in the back as well as multicoloured carpet complete the unique arrangement.

    Did you know?

    The combination of flower power rainbow colours, vivid Morrocan or Indian patterns, unconventional forms and bohemian extravaganza create an irresistible mix. The environmentally sustainable “3R” concept (reduce, reuse, recycle) matches perfectly the ideals of the boho style: try to reduce buying unnecessary things by reusing old items and then recycle - give them away when no longer needed or change their function, eg. use an old sawing machine set as a vintage table. Creativity and fusion - that's the essence of the boho style.

    Boho Bedroom

    The coziness of the boho style bedroom is unsurpassed - it immediately invites you to snuggle under one of the blankets and dream. You can create it by employing intense colour fabrics, patchwork bed throws or blankets and cushions with oriental ethnic patterns. Your bed should be comfortable and large, ideally with a canopy. Choose furniture with soul - with interesting ornamentation and bold colours. A dresser with fancy knobs and funcional drawers, unusual bedside tables with decorative metal base or a tufted pouf on cabriole legs will add to the rich yet homely air of the interior. Throw in an ornnate room divider or a hammock. Don’t be afraid to mix natural materials with constrasting accessories. There is a method to this maddness - the more the better. Simply think of an Ottoman sultan's chambers, full of treasures and richly ornamented fabrics and carpets, and go from there.

    Expert's advice

    If you consider yourself bold and unconventional, then boho style is for you. It gives you a unique opportunity to break the routine and express yourself through your interior decor choices. No other style allows such freedom. Use it and use your imagination to create your dream home. And remember, the more the better - more colour, more patterns, more culture inspirations..and definitely more cushions!

    A dining table full of light an colours. Large dining table covered with stripped tablecloth and surrounded by wooden chairs in various styles and sizes. There is a vase with fresh flowers and set of white and blue tableware. In the back there a large windows with some spectacular view.
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