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Delivery of Goods in our Online Store is carried out by means of courier companies' services. Delivery of Goods is carried out in the Republic of Poland and European Union Member States.

The total cost of delivery of the Goods consists of the cost of transport, packaging and logistics costs. Delivery price and the type of delivery depend on the dimensions and weight of the Goods. The shipping cost for each order is calculated automatically when the order is placed (after placing the Goods in the basket, the delivery costs will be displayed).


The cost of delivery is always visible under the price of each product. When the information shows: "Delivery cost: 0,00 zł" it means that delivery is FREE and you pay only for the product itself.

The courier is not obliged to bring the furniture into the apartment (block, house, etc.) when it weights more than 30 kg.
If the parcel with ordered Goods have any signs of damage, in order to determine whether the damage happened in transport or was caused by the customer, the customer should prepare a damage report with the courier, which is a proof that the damage occurred during transportation. It is very important to properly describe in the protocol the state of packaging and include any information that will help exclude the Customer participation in causing the damage. Proper preparation of the damage report will significantly help determine the moment at which the damage had occurred.
The customer may refuse to accept the damaged item. In this case, it is very important to immediately notify the Vendor. Failure to prepare damage report or incorrect preparation, e.g. divergent dates or lack of information about the state of the consignment, may delay the case and result in the customer taking risk of buying damaged goods and acquiring the product in the state in which it was delivered.


The cost of shipping abroad depends entirely on the weight of the package and the destination country of the recipient. In order to calculate the cost, please contact our team at: [email protected] or [email protected]


Selsey Poland uses the services of couriers such as UPS, DPD, GLS, Siódemka and FedEx, as well as local shippers. We make every effort to ensure that products ordered in our shop are delivered on time, without damage and at the best possible price.
If you have any questions about the delivery, please contact us at: [email protected] or [email protected] or call us at 720801701.


Custom-made products (where the customer chooses eg. colour of the upholstery) are made to order, so the execution time is longer. Hard furniture such as a chest of drawers and wall unit are often in stock and therefore execution time is relatively short.

Ask us about the availability of the goods! [email protected] or [email protected]

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