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    The Farmhouse style has this strange ability to bring about, even in the most hardened town dwellers, a longing for a peaceful and idyllic life in the countryside close to nature. Inspired by log cabin interiors, this style focuses on earthy colours, simple forms and natural textures and materials. Thus, the dominance of wood with visible tree rings and stone elements. The use of raw brick is not uncommon. Colour-wise, a rustic style interior favours warm neutral shades, especially white, beige and earthy brown hues. This colour austerity is balanced by a richness of patterns that can be used on walls, furniture and textiles, hence faux antlers, flowers, stripes and checkered motifs enlivening the interior. Furniture might have visible signs of wear and tear. Basically, the focus is on everything natural.
    A graphite comfortable sofa in a large farmhouse style living room. Wooden furniture and a fireplace with logs complement the interior.

    Farmhouse Living Room

    Simplicity and unpretentiousness are the main principles that should be followed when arranging a farmhouse style living room. Wood is omnipresent, form floor panels and walls to furniture and decorations. Leather sofa occupies a focal point of the living room and is accompanied by comfortable oversized armchairs, vintage sideboards and a coffee table, chests of drawers with metal fittings and bookcases with a time-worn appeal. Muted earthy colours - beiges, brick reds, warm browns, fern greens prevail. When choosing decoration, go for wicker baskets, ceramic vases and patterned carpets. Don't leave the walls empty - faux antlers or floral wall art will nicely complement the interior. Throw in some nature-inspired elements, eg. an oak log, to add the final touch. The end result should invite you to sink into a cozy armchair and relax.

    Farmhouse Dining Room

    A typical farmhouse style dining room features a large wooden dining table with chairs that comfortably accommodate the whole family. A glow of a wooden pendant lamp above the family table, simple curtains in warm earthy colours in the windows, wooden decorations and time-worn accents will nicely complement the rustic look of the interior. A wooden frame kitchen wall clock, a vintage cupboard with vertical front panels and a fitted wine rack or a log-like stool are just a few examples of how you can emphasize the farmhouse look of your dining room. Add some lanterns, wooden boxes or wicker baskets to give it a final touch. The whole is to create an inviting, atmospheric kitchen with a slightly nostalgic feel reminding you of your grandma’s apple pie.

    Did you know?

    The most famous example of a farmhouse style furniture is an Adirondack or a Westport chair, invented at the beginning of the 20th century by an American country cottage owner, Thomas Lee, from a single knot-free plank. He came up with the idea when looking for the best type of open-air seats for his summer lodge. Nowadays, these chairs are produced from 7 to 11 planks, as the knot-free wood is hard to come by.

    Farmhouse Bedroom

    When arranging a farmhouse style bedroom, choose simple, solid furniture in natural wooden colours. A straight-forward, wooden-framed king-size bed on stable stout legs, coupled with some linen bed throws and cushions with plant motifs or furry pillowcases, will look the part. A vintage nightstand with a warm glowing bedside lamp, wooden storage chest with metal fitting for your bedding, along with a matching solid dresser, burlap fabric curtains and a toned colour carpet on a wooden floor will nicely complement the rustic style bedroom. A brick-like mural wallpaper or faux antlers will make for nice accent pieces. Basically, aim at practicality, universality and timelessness of the interior.

    Expert's advice

    The farmhouse style is dedicated to all those who favour tradition, comfort, life close to nature and thrive among warm earthy colours. Everyone who enjoys spending weekend afternoons on flea markets looking for time-worn furniture with soul and history and decorations made of natural materials will appreciate the rough-hewn charm of the rustic style.

    A farmhouse style living room in a farmhouse style combined with a kitchen annex. A large wooden table against a large corner sofa and visible wooden beams complement then rustic look.
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