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    Luxury, splendour, luster, and richness of decor - that’s the glam style in a nutshell and extravagance is its middle name. This interior trend is all about comfort, shiny surfaces, glitter, light, contrasts of colours and fabrics - all that makes space stand out, but in a refined sophisticated way. The common practice is to juxtapose the dominant toned colours - e.g. beige or grey - with eye-catching vivid splashes of colour in accent pieces. Glamour favours all that glitters so think of furniture with gloss fronts, rich framed mirrors, crystal chandeliers, metal elements, generally, everything that catches the light and brightens the interior. The same goes for decorations - platters or vases with golden or silver shine will be a perfect choice. As for furniture, the glam style loves Baroque aesthetics - interesting, richly ornamented forms, tufted sofas upholstered with pleasant velvety fabrics or sculpted detailing on dressers and tables. There’s one more element you have to take into account when arranging a glamour style home, and a crucial one at that - balance! Remember about a healthy proportion of shiny elements and neutrals to keep the space uncluttered and alluring.

    Glamour Living Room

    In a glamour style, living room opulence of detailing and decoration is the main theme. The richness of the decor is expressed through shiny surfaces reflecting light. A gloss front TV stand, a copper coffee table or a glass top console table on chrome legs will fit perfectly the glamour style aesthetics. Decorations also have their part to play in brightening the interior - a chrome pending lamp with crystal elements coupled with a metal table lamp are ideal light-catchers. Walls also shine - a golden framed wall art print or a mural wallpaper with embossed golden accents add a sophisticated air. But all this glitter needs to be balanced and toned colours of a carpet or upholstery will do the trick. The furniture in itself, however, is not at all modest - a fancy shell shaped armchair and a tufted chesterfield sofa will surely attract the attention with their plush velvets and smooth satins. The end result is your own lustrous mansion straight from Hollywood.

    Glamour Dining Room

    A glamour style dining room is full of shine. Light reflections may come from a rich crystal chandelier placed above the dining table, nailhead trim of the upholstered dining chairs or even elegant tableware with golden elements. The dining table, with the table top in glass, high gloss or metal legs, is yet another way to add a light-catching surface to the decor. A moderate amount of decorations - a copper frame wall clock, a golden frame poster or a brass flower vase - nicely complete the interior.

    Did you know?

    The glamour style, otherwise known as Hollywood Regency, originated in the Golden Era of movie industry roughly in the 1920s. Up through the 1950s, it inspired the interior designers with the glitz and luxury of the Hollywood movie sets. Marlene Dietrich smoking a cigarillo in a relaxed pose on a magnificent chesterfield sofa or Audrey Hepburn, wearing a diamond necklace and checking her reflection in a richly framed mirror, are still considered the symbols of glamour style - ambassadresses of beauty, luster, and opulence.

    A luxurious bedroom in glamour style with a large divan bed. A tufted headboard, elegant metal table lamps and nightstands with mirror fronts complete the glam look of the interior.

    Glamour Bedroom

    When decorating a glamour style bedroom, focus on decorations and avoid cluttering it with too many pieces of furniture. The most important element is, of course, a bed - choose a kingsize bed with a velvet or satin upholstery and tufted headboard. An elegant glass dresser, a bedside table with chrome elements and a table lamp on an ornamented metal base will nicely complement the interior. Add a large mirror in a richly decorated silver frame, a satin bed cover and matching throw pillows to get the ultimate glam style look.

    Expert's advice

    Glamour is an interior design trend for those who dream of a Hollywood mansion of their own. Here the wow-effect comes before functionality. Gloss and shine are dominant - whether reflected in gloss surfaces or light-catching materials such as crystals, metal or glass. Extravagant forms are welcome, just as colour contrasts, however, with light-toned colours as a background. And remember, balance is the key - too much shine borders on tastelessness.

    A glam style dining room with white walls and elegant dining table. Its gloss black table top and shiny chrome legs, along with matching velvet black dining chairs on chrome legs, add to the sophisticaion of the interior.
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