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    Spaciousness, minimalism in colours and forms and a lot of light - these are the most recognizable features of the industrial style. How to introduce it into your interior? Large open space is the key so If you’re an owner of a small flat use mirrors that will optically enlarge it. The industrial style likes austerity and natural materials, so, if possible, let the bricks or concrete walls show; the same with metal elements of the construction or pipes. No brick walls? Feel free to use brick-like mural wallpapers. Choosing furniture, focus on simple forms and clear lines, Light plays a very important role here. In the absence of large floor-to-ceiling windows so typical of the industrial buildings, you can turn to lamps - focus on the solid types, floor or pendant ones, made of metal, steel or aluminium, showing cables, and ideally without lampshades. As for the colours, shades of grey and black and white are a natural choice. To enliven such an austere interior, you may use simple, yet vivid colour accessories and decorations.
    A spacious living room in industrial style with a comfortable leather sofa, dark red upholstered chair with a cushion and a wooden table. Bricked walls and metal elements complement the industrial feel of the interior.

    Industrial Living Room

    Your ideal industrial style living room should have floor-to-ceiling windows to let in light. If that’s not the case, focus on cool greys and whites to get a similar effect. What is more, bright walls combined with dark floor give an impression of spaciousness. Wherever possible, display the raw brick walls. Alternatively, use brick-like mural wallpapers to get the look of an old factory interior. Make sure your living room is well lit. Opt for floor lamps with metal accents, visible bulbs or pendant lamps with caged shades. A wooden top coffee table with metal base and fittings, matching stools and a simple metal bookcase will nicely complement the industrial look. Colour-wise, the focus is on greys, whites, blacks and browns. To soften the rough-cast character and add a final touch to the industrial style interior, throw in a velvety brick red armchair and silver-like plant pots.

    Industrial Dining Room

    The industrial style dining room is all about mixing the old and the new, and the best way to combine those two is to blend metal and wood. Freestanding metal racks, open back wooden storage and little metal cabinets on wheels will add this old 'warehouse' feel to the interior. As in any dining space, a large table plays a pivotal role - go for a weathered look wooden table top on a metal base or a concrete grey extendable table on sturdy legs. Dining chairs can range from classic metal framed wooden seats to steel wire back chairs with cushions. If there's a kitchen island, add barstools with metal base and wood finishes. Lighting is also the key. Choose pendant lamps with vintage aluminium shades or caged frames with visible bulbs, the cables clearly showing or hidden in a lamp chain. Keep everything in neutral shades of greys and browns and add some matching decorations - wooden frame wall clock or old vintage bottles - to complement the look.

    Did you know?

    The beginning of the industrial style? We would have to go back in time to the 1950s United States, when, as a result of the recession and the following bankruptcies of factories and workshops, the real estate market started to offer large abandoned premises for rent at low prices. These open-air lofts, with no walls blocking the natural light and vast spaces, became especially popular with the artists who adapted them for their studios, apartments and even exhibition halls. Nowadays, the industrial style keeps appealing to creative individualists with artistic flair. One of the most famous examples of an industrial loft can be found on Manhattan - this penthouse was occupied, among others, by actors Casey Affleck or Kirsten Dunst, film director Gus Van Sant or REM’s Michael Stipe.

    An upholstered black king-size bed in an industrial style bedroom. Few decorations including a black and white painting, matching framed photographs on the wall and a beige carpet. Blacks, greys and beiges predominate. The whitewashed brick walls, a metal floor lamp and a metal open bookcase complement the interior.

    Industrial Bedroom

    Industrial style bedroom is all about simplicity and functionality. This style applauds the combination of steel, metal, wood, and glass in different proportions. A king-size wooden frame bed will look surprisingly well next to a metal base nightstand with a glass shelf and an open back metal bookcase. The focus is on light - an atmospheric table lamp with a cage-like shade on your bedside table and a metal floor lamp resembling an old-style theatre stage light in the corner will highlight the industrial look of the room. If the size of your bedroom allows it, add a vintage chest of drawers or a vanity corner made of an old sewing machine table with an obligatory metal chair. Keep it simple, use greys, browns, and blacks for decorations, carpets or bed throws. Finish off with a brick mural wallpaper and see the old and the new combine in a perfect industrial style interior.

    Expert's advice

    The industrial style will appeal to the enthusiasts of minimalist interiors, individualists favouring unobvious combinations of textures and materials. It’s a style for the confident and the bold. It requires the courage to bring together the opposites - the old and the new, the modernity of metal and the naturalness wood; the courage to leave or highlight some elements of the construction in plain view for everyone to see when the natural reaction is to hide all the pipes, cables, and brick walls. Industrial style appreciates the things as they are. A little flaw here and there - a worn-out looking wooden table or an oxidised metal chair - only add charm and sense of history to the interior.

    A dining table with a wooden top and white base in an industrial style dining room. Metal bar stools, brick walls and toned colours of the furniture nicely complement the industrial look.
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