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    Increasingly popular enjoy mattresses memory foam mattresses. A unique property, called. "Lazy foam" mattress under the influence of body temperature lying changes shape and adapts to its anatomical structure. Also reacts to pressure by lying under the impression that "collapse" in the soft foam. In our offer you can find memory foam mattresses in different zones of hardness. By dividing the zone mattress more resistance in the sacral area than in the legs and head. The ideal lateral support, improves blood circulation and helps eliminate the problem of muscle during the relaxation and restful sleep provides. According to the research on this type of sleeping mattresses accelerates the regeneration of the body, leading to sleep may be shorter and more efficient. Memory foam mattresses may also have spring cartridges, thanks to the flexibility becomes even more appreciable. Projects are available in many different variants. Over many years of operation there are minimal deformation that does not affect the reduction of comfort.
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