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    Modern solution for a quiet and comfortable night's sleep. Latex mattresses are distinguished primarily filling. The material obtained from the vulcanization of natural latex is combined with the synthetic latex to give a very firm and stable contribution mattress. With this solution perfectly latex mattress adapts to the shape of the human body and its weight. High quality filling makes the mattress is not deformed. Almost immediately after leaving returns to its original shape, which makes it practically users do not feel the other person's movements during sleep. An additional advantage of the contribution of the latex are bactericidal properties. The product does not cause proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms and is therefore recommended for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. Latex mattresses of our offer is a guarantee of a successful holiday and proper relaxation. As the cartridges to ensure adequate fit to the body shape of the support and evenly distribute the weight of the user. Modern latex mattresses support not only the spine but also the limbs, allowing them to deal with the recurrent feeling of muscle tone with which so many people are struggling when you wake up.
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