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    A large bedroom with a convenient bed with a headboard. Innovative solution for a restful and comfortable sleep. The latex mattresses can be considered as distinctive ones mainly thanks to the insert used. The secret of the highly-resilient and hard-wearing material lays in the composite of the natural and synthetic latex obtained in the process of vulcanization. The unique parameters of such a product allow the mattress to fit the shape of the human body as well as to adjust to its weight without any deformation. Once the pressure is released, the latex mattress immediately gets back to its natural shape, thanks to which the sleepers are not bothered with each other’s motion. The additional advantages are the antibacterial properties; the mattress prevents the bacteria and microorganisms from growth which makes the latex mattresses the perfect ones for the allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. The innovative inserts provide the sleepers with the needed support for the back as well as the limbs. Such a balanced firmness zones arrangement has already helped many people to relieve the chronic muscle tension after waking up; the affliction a great part of the population.
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