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    A minimalist bedroomm with a large bed. Mattresses multipocket is an exclusive pocket spring mattresses, with an increased number of springs. The diameter of the spring reaches a maximum of 3.5 cm, and each of the mattress falls m2 are at least 500. In addition, each packaged in a separate compartment of the material. With this solution springs work individually, and the mattress bends only at the points of oppression. It is the ideal mattress for double beds, because during sleep do not feel the movements of the other person. MULTIPOCKET mattress are divided into several zones of hardness, thereby providing a good support of individual body parts. Another feature of the mattress is MULTIPOCKET two-sidedness. On both sides of the cartridge are the same, such that the comfort of the mattress on both sides is constant. Our mattresses are extremely resistant to deformation and durable, thanks to a wide offer everyone will find the right model for you.
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