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    Increasingly, elected mattresses are foam mattresses. The contribution of this type of mattress is characterized by high flexibility and resistance to deformation. Depending on your preferences hardness can choose between different types of foams. Each of them provides correct support of the spine, but the choice should depend on the weight of the user and individual needs. In addition, foam mattresses provide a "breathing" of the skin lying, making sleep even more comfortable. In our offer you can find various foam mattresses, made from ordinary polyurethane foam and mattresses. They are sensitive to pressure, and in the case of thermoelastic models - the heat. They conform to the body shape and weight. Another advantage of them is used for the cover. Each model is characterized by the use of cover fabric soft and comfortable to the touch. As a rule, these are natural materials so you do not cause irritation or allergic reactions. Not conducive to deposition of dust or bacteria. With proper mattress is not deformed even after several years of use.
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