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    A romantic dinner without candles? No way! Nothing builds up a romantic ambience like a glow of a flame. And when this atmospheric dinner takes place in the open air, outdoor lanterns are a must! A number of such outdoor lights set around a garden table or a picnic blanket will make those moments of relax and happiness even more unforgettable. Not to mention the mundane aspect of increased visibility after dusk. The great thing about the garden lanterns is that, next to serving their main purpose of sheltering the candle flame, they make wonderful decorative pieces. A wicker lantern shaped like a basket, a metal one in a form of a bird cage, an oriental openwork piece or a glamourous ornamental lantern will be a functional and eye-catching addition to both your interior and garden decor. And if you’re a more of a modern-solutions type, LED lanterns will surely catch your attention. Simply choose the style and wait for the magic to happen!
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