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    Four industrial style wall lamps on a brick wall. Can you imagine a warm glow of a flickering candle on a window sill that used to guide wanderers through the darkness to safety? Electricity and lamps replaced the candles, but the notion of safety and warmth remains the same. Wall lamps, in particular, are a great way to create a calm and cozy atmosphere in your home, while making a wonderful decorative piece at the same time. They take up little space and come in many shapes and styles to fit any existing decor - open bulbs with showing cables or brass shades for industrial style homes, simple lights with wooden fixtures for Scandinavian interiors, lovely fabric shade lamps for vintage style spaces, shiny chrome lights for those who favour the modern style or glittering crystals for the fans of glamour. A strategically placed wall lamp will illuminate shadowy corners of your kids' bedroom, optically enlarge and open up a small living room, emanate invitingly from your hallway walls, and cast a warm glow on your reading corner or a focused light over your vanity. Accent your walls with warm light and enjoy the pleasant ambience of your home.
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