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    It is not easy to imagine winter evenings without something soft and warm to cover. Plaids will give to this ideal. It's a great solution for all those who appreciate the warmth and comfort combined with style. In the evening, after a hard day, while watching a movie, you can use plaid-coat as a blanket and warm up, providing you and your closest cozy atmosphere. With our collection of rugs all the moments in your home will be wrapped in warmth, making it cooler moments will never be you fearful. In the morning and you can use it as an elegant bedspread on the old sofa, giving it new life and thereby completing the arrangement of the entire apartment. We are convinced that elegant rug will add charm to your interior, and each guest will be able to feel at home. Plaids from our collection will prove themselves at any time of day and year. You can take them to summer picnics with children. The expedition to the lake? Or to the municipal park? Treat yourself to dream plaid, and you can take a piece of home wherever you want, providing comfort, and your children a comfortable place to play. Plaid worsted wool is in addition grubopleciony. Due to the fact that it does not stop dust mites and non-sensitizing, can be applied at home allergy, but also to anyone who appreciates natural solutions. Moreover, useful in the children's room to provide warmth and softness of your pociechom. We offer a wide selection of functional rugs, available in many designs and colors. Find your unique blanket, cold and never interfere with the CI to light the hearth.
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