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    Your pet is yet another member of your family? Your dog accompanies you while jogging? Your cat sits comfortably in a bike basket when you go cycling? Finally, you fall asleep at the edge of your bed, because the rest is occupied by your four-legged friend? It’s high time to think about pet beds! And not just an old blanket hidden somewhere in the darkest part of a hallway to keep this eyesore from sight… Think bigger! Think dog bed! Think cat bed! A piece of furniture that is a miniature of your own sofa, fuses well with your current decor and makes your pet happy. And we have it all - from traditional cozy pet floor pillows to more fancy pet sofas. Just choose a style and a colour of upholstery suited to your interior. Seems a bit too extravagant? Who cares! Your furry friend deserves the best!
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