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    A large potted plant placed near the window with white curtains. Do you love nature, but you’re not a lucky garden owner? Or maybe not exactly a green-fingers type of person? Artificial flowers and plants are a great way to spruce up your home and keep it green and welcoming. Choose some romantic ivy to decorate your hallway or dining room walls or a monstera deliciosa to introduce a homely atmosphere to your living room. Small palm trees will look great on your balcony. You can even add an artificial grass there to fully enjoy the garden-like ambience. The great thing is that no matter how often you go away, be it business trips or holidays, your artificial plants will always welcome you on your return with lush green leaves. Besides, some studies show that looking at green every day for 5 minutes, helps you focus and improves your mood in general. What more can you ask? Create an oasis of green in your interior and enjoy the benefits.
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