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    An industrial style interior with concrete walls and an open bookcase. Are you a proud owner of sports trophies? An avid book collector? A traveller with a wealth of experience and loads of souvenirs? If so, you are surely in need of a convenient shelving unit to store all those precious items. Open shelving units are a great way to display decorations, books or framed photos of your loved ones. But they are much more functional than it may appear at first. Those with an open back construction make for nice divider bookcases. It’s a perfect way to separate your living room space from the dining room area without cluttering the interior. This see-through piece of furniture retains the sense of spaciousness while offering convenient display and storage solutions. The applications of shelving units do not end here. An open bookcase unit can serve as a herbs rack in the kitchen, a shoe rack in the hallway or a display cabinet for all the teddy bears, dolls and board games in your kid’s room. The cube shelves ideally fill any blank wall, without taking too much space. And there are more surprises - the living room shelving units go with casters, adjustable shelves or additional drawers. With the wide range of designs, you will easily complement your existing interior style with a matching bookcase - a metal framed piece for industrial style interiors, a simple wooden one for Scandinavian style spaces or an elegant grey open-back unit for modern homes. Display all your collected curios, flowers, books and decorations and enjoy the homely feel of your interior.
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