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    You want to expose his extraordinary collection of books? If so, open racks from our collection will prove themselves in this task perfectly! For years you dream of a small, home-bookcase, where you put your favorite items? Shelving is undoubtedly the piece of furniture that will realize your dreams! Our models have open shelving shelves with adjustable height. This allows distribution of all the items on the shelves according to your tastes! Open shelving is not only a place for books and interior design accessories! Check is ideal when you want to show off the trophies of their children! Cups of sports competitions, art competitions with diplomas, figurines and prizes? It can accommodate all modern bookcase! Organize the most important memorabilia unique place that will attract the eyes of your guests. What's more, the low open bookcase useful for displaying family history as the most important props! The common picture in the frame you got from the kids for Christmas. Shells from the sea. Porcelain elephants for good luck. A collection of ceramic cups? Now all important souvenirs will find their place, creating a unique atmosphere in your interior! Choose open shelving, and your interior will be more stylish and functional than ever!
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