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    Your children are reluctant to go to bed? They are hard to break away from the evening's play? Beds for children adapt to their tastes and make going to sleep will not mean the end of fun. Your daughter is dreaming to her room was a real kingdom of the princess? Choose a bed in the shape of a carriage, or the motive in fairies, and your child will gain a magical holiday. Or the son wants to be a driver? Bed-car will allow him to develop imagination while having fun during the day and in the evening safely and peacefully fall asleep in the cockpit of his beloved car. In the children's room, in addition to fun, it is extremely important functionality. Among the beds of our offer you will find such with retractable drawers, which can be stowed in an extra bed linen or toys. And what about the adjustable bed that will grow with your child? This solution will reduce spending money on changing the bed from time to time. If you want to conserve space in the common children's room, put on a bunk bed. Select the version with a slide, and your kids will love having a real playground in your own home! Children's beds from our collection will help you create a kingdom for your kids that will be the perfect place for carefree fun, as well as a comfortable holiday.
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