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    Are you planning to buy a new bed or change your old mattress? You’ll be faced with a tough choice of the right type of a mattress. A spring mattress is one of the most popular picks. How is it different from other mattresses? Thanks to the high-quality materials used - a combination of hourglass shaped springs protected by a felt layer and overlaid with different types of foams - spring mattresses are very durable, high weight tolerant and boast excellent ventilation properties. Open coil mattresses are gradually replaced with pocket spring mattresses with springs placed in separate pockets combined in zones. This solution allows for even weight distribution, and thus proper support of every body section - movements of one user don’t disturb the other and the spine rests in a natural position throughout the night, no matter the sleeping position. Most of our mattresses are flippable - each side has a different level of firmness, which basically means you get two mattresses in one. The spring mattresses are more than just springs. For higher comfort, different types of foam layers are used, from firm HR ones through NASA developed Visco foams to antiallergic latex foams. To add to the health properties of the mattresses, some go with an additional coconut fibre layer or aloe vera infused toppers. Choose the right mattress and make sure you and your loved ones sleep well at night and welcome every day with a positive attitude.
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