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    A classic living room with a wooden dining table and matching black chairs.
    The 1st birthday party of your baby? Long-deserved promotion at work? Engagement dinner party with the closest family members present? These are milestones that deserve proper celebration and perfect surroundings - ideally, around the dining room table that is the heart of every home. Big family gatherings or board game evenings with friends require a sturdy dining room table that will accommodate everyone and will withstand the weight of all the mouth-watering dishes or occasional fist-banging during a heated discussion or a game climax. If you’re more into romantic dinners, a dainty-looking smaller kitchen dining table will be the right call, with just enough room for two plates, a bottle of wine, atmospheric candles, and two holding hands. Limited home space doesn’t allow for accommodating larger pieces of furniture, thus thwarting your dreams of inviting friends over for a pizza and movie night? We’ve got you covered here as well with our folding dining tables that can be transformed from little consoles into large dining room tables with a few simple movements whenever the need arises. Our products mean functionality matched to your needs and existing interior, whether you favour industrial style, lean towards provencal influences or appreciate shabby-chic. Round dining room tables? Maybe rectangular ones, or with oval or square tops? Wooden legs? Metal base? Classic white and black? Warm browns? Modern greys? Mellow yellows and blues? Just choose the right table and celebrate precious moments in good company!

    Round dining room tables

    A circle is generally perceived as an ideal shape, symbolizing harmony and perfection. It’s a natural form present everywhere around us, from the pupils of our eyes to the Sun and the Moon above us. No wonder we like surrounding ourselves with items that imitate this perfect silhouette, especially in our homes. After all, what’s better than a lazy Sunday breakfast or dinner with the whole family gathered around a round dining table. And there’s a lot to choose from, as our offer boasts a rich collection of round dining room tables in different styles, from futuristic glass ones on chrome legs for fans of modern design to minimalist wooden pieces for those who favour the Scandinavian aesthetics. Simply choose your own round table and enjoy the harmonious effect this perfect shape will have on your interior.

    Folding dining table

    Picture this - for the first time since you moved into your home, you decide to throw a party. It can be a New Year’s Eve Party, your birthday or just an average Friday, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you invite your friends. Those friends usually come along with their significant others. And then out of nowhere your outgoing neighbours decide to check out ‘what’s that noise’, and suddenly you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, with a crowd of people and not enough room at the table. Don’t make that rookie mistake. Be wise and get yourself a folding dining table. Regular tables are usually either small, good enough for no more than two people, or too big, often cluttering the interior. A folding kitchen table is an ingenious solution that doesn’t take up much space in its compound form but doubles or triples its surface with a few simple movements whenever you need it. And the good thing is that you don’t have to compromise on style, as our offer teems with folding tables in different shapes and styles. So whether it’s a white dining room table in a Scandinavian style you’re looking for, a modern design piece with a concrete grey texture, or a classic sturdy one in the deep ebony wood colour, you'll find it in our collection. Be it a small flat or a spacious mansion that you live in, simply choose your extendable table and enjoy evenings with friends or Sunday family dinners at your place. .
    • Tornado Black Table 100 cm

      Tornado Black Table 100 cm

      299 GBP


    • Wander Floating TV Stand 180 cm

      Wander Floating TV Stand 180 cm

      99 GBP
    • Basic Peach Nordic Style Chair on Wooden Legs

      Basic Peach Nordic Style Chair on Wooden Legs

      59 GBP
    • Skylara TV Stand with LED Lighting

      Skylara TV Stand with LED Lighting

      160 GBP
    • Patchwork Industrial Desk

      Patchwork Industrial Desk

      119 GBP
    • Hylia Floating TV Stand

      Hylia Floating TV Stand

      109 GBP
    • Berg Scandinavian Ladder Desk White and Oak

      Berg Scandinavian Ladder Desk White and Oak

      119 GBP
      99 GBP
    • Basic Cot Bed 120 x 60 cm

      Basic Cot Bed 120 x 60 cm

      169 GBP
    • Thorita Scandinavian 3 Drawer Sideboard

      Thorita Scandinavian 3 Drawer Sideboard

      129 GBP
    • Phiris Wood Scandinavian TV Stand

      Phiris Wood Scandinavian TV Stand

      119 GBP
    • Italia Vintage Console Table

      Italia Vintage Console Table

      159 GBP