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    Pine wood king size bed with bedside tables on both sides. Who doesn’t love this moment of relaxation in bed before going to sleep, a good book in hand or a tablet with a favourite series on the lap? To paint the whole picture, imagine an atmospheric light nearby and a place to keep a glass of water on or put away the said book or tablet when you start to doze off. Here our bedside cabinets and bedroom tables will come in handy. Usually small in size, these unassuming pieces of furniture will prove very functional. Thanks to a shapely bedside lockers placed conveniently next to your bed, you will no longer search for glasses or a mobile when the alarm clock sets off. Speaking of alarm clocks, now they will be right at hand along with a bedside lamp and your glass of water. Bedside drawers and additional compartments featured in our modern bedside tables will help you maintain an order of the interior and allow to store the everyday items at hand but not in sight. A well organized functional bedroom is the key to a relaxing night's sleep. Get yourself a pair of bedside cabinets or small nightstands and enjoy harmony.
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