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    Enjoys sleeping on freshly washed clothes instead of its own cat bed? Sound familiar? Obviously, your cat knows what’s best - comfy naps in warm places. All you can do is buy pet hair remover and deal with the fur later. Bummer if it’s a Ragdoll cat or a Persian. But what if you could avoid it? Cats are known to be connoisseurs of comfort, so why not provide them with the most convenient lounge spot - a luxury cat bed? A sleeping area for your pet that’s not only comfortable but also matches your living room decor? Now it’s possible! Simply choose a type of a pet bed. There are sofas, couches or even chaise lounges at your (ehem.. your cat’s) disposal. What is more, with a wide range of colours offered, you can be sure the new cat bed will harmonize with the rest of the living room furniture! Seems too extravagant? So what! After all, you’re as unpredictable and unconventional as your cat.
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