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    Do you have a dog? Does it have the most delicate blankets in its dog bed? Do you leave most juicy meat chunks for your chihuahua or buy cute dog clothes for your terrier? Do you regularly take your cocker spaniel for grooming? Does this four-legged friend sleep in your bed treating your pillow as its own dog cushion? If the answers are positive then you are officially a dog person! And as such, you surely want the best for little Alfie or hairy Bella. And we have a good news for you! Now you can pamper your doggy by providing it with maximum comfort while sleeping - a soft and cozy dog sofa. And there is more! You can choose not only the style but also the colour of the upholstery, to match it with your current decor. No more unsightly rugs or blankets. And, more importantly, no more sleeping at the edge of your bed with this furry ball sprawled across it, its paw in your mouth. Now you and your dog can enjoy the comfort of your own mattresses. After all, your dog’s loyalty and unconditional love deserve recognition.
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