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    When guests come to lack of space to accommodate the cover? How about a coat racks, which will elegant and original addition to the hallway, and at the same time help to deal with excess coats and handbags? Hangers freestanding lobby is the perfect solution when you dress in winter, more and more layers of clothing going outside. During the summer and you can use coat rack as a convenient metered on the caps and hats to protect against the harsh sun you and your loved ones. Use it as an umbrella stand and place it in a prominent place at the exit, and you will not get wet on rainy days. What's more, interesting shapes and patterns hangers make sure that your house will be even more stylish. How about a hanger-lodge? You can also use it as a toy in the nursery playing with their children. Or maybe you prefer a wooden coat rack with a traditional shape? Choose the perfect model for you and your family, and the maintenance of order in your okryciach will never be easier.
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