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    The design of any interior is never finished until you decide what lighting to use. Even the most stylish room needs the right lighting to accentuate architectural value, hide imperfections and present its original character in a more favourable way. That's why at Selsey we offer a wide range of designer ceiling, wall and floor lighting, that will fit perfectly into any modern arrangement. Included in our collection are lights that come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. We also have wall lamps designed to save space and are great for brightening up smaller rooms. If decorative or vintage lighting is what you're looking for, then you need to check out our massive assortment of provincial models in colours such as bronze, gold or steel. If ceiling lamps are the solution required, we can offer a stunning selection of chandeliers, flush mounted ceiling lights or beautifully designed pendant lamps that also can be fitted with energy-saving LED globes. Our sales consultants can advise which lighting will be most suitable for your next design project. It's important to remember that besides being decorative, lighting also needs to be well-adjusted to the room in terms of height and intensity. Come check out our lighting range today, it certainly won't disappoint!
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