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Elegant simplicity is what comes to mind when we think of the minimalist style in interior design. The harmony of the interior is arrived at through austerity of decor, the functionality of space, clean lines and toned colours. The governing rule is ‘less is more’ - less decorative elements, less colour, lack of furniture serving no particular function, which results in more space and more order, and thus more comfort. The furniture is characterized by simple geometric silhouettes and purpose - comfortable armchairs and corner sofa beds, practical floor lamps that fuse with the background and spacious storage solutions that help maintain the space clutter-free. The minimalist style likes reflective surfaces and the preferable materials include steel, glass, combined with wood and stone. Colour-wise, the minimalist style operates mainly with two or three colour shades - usually whites, greys, beiges and occasional blacks - to create a sense of order and cleanliness. Decorations are kept to a minimum and preferably bare some function, like a modest metal wall clock or practical smooth ceramic vases. As to wall art, it’s accepted as long as it’s a minimalistic canvas prints or black and white photograph in a simple frame. The minimalist style is quite strict as regards the decor guidelines, but when applied properly, it creates a whole that never goes out of style.
A minimalist living room in black, grey and white with a large leather sofa, black bookstands and a glass coffee table.

Minimalist Living Room

A minimalist living room is orderly and gives an impression of spaciousness, regardless of its size. This effect is reached by limiting the number of furniture to those essential and functional and avoiding excessive decoration. Colour-wise, the minimalist style suggests keeping to the palette of two or three neutral colours, especially white, grey and black. With those guidelines in mind, go for a simple, yet comfortable corner sofa in grey fabric or black PU leather and matching armchairs. Complement the look with a coffee table - choose a glass one to visually open up the room, pick a dainty chrome side table with a reflective surface to bring more light to the interior, or go for a functional wooden piece with storage that will help maintain the harmony of the living room. As for storage solutions, look for closed bookcases or simple chests of drawers that will keep the living room space clutter-free. To add a personal touch, decorate a wall with a minimalist canvas print in neutral colours and enjoy the atmosphere of calm and order.

Minimalist Dining Room

When arranging your dining room according to the principles of the minimalist style, make sure to keep the furniture, colour palette and decorations to a minimum, as order, spaciousness and functionality are calling the shots here. The focus is on the dining table - it should be large and convenient. A transparent glass table is a great idea, as it optically enlarges the interior and gives an impression of a roomy space. Any piece in white, light oak or other neutral colours will also be a good alternative, as long as it is functional. The same goes for dining chairs - choose practical ones characterized by a simple form, comfortable and light-coloured. Complement the interior with only the necessary storage furniture - a closed cabinet, a minimalist chest of drawers or wicker storage baskets and organizers - and keep the everyday use items neatly stowed away. Light up the dining room with an austere pendant lamp placed over the dining table and a simple chrome floor lamp, and enjoy the meals in a harmonious setting.

A dining room in minimalist style with a transparent glass dining table on a wooden base and white dining chairs. White walls and mirrors optically enlarge the room.

Did you know?

The minimalist style, developed in the second half of the 20th century, was inspired by classic Japanese design and wabi-sabi concept, which advocates simplicity of life and elimination of the unnecessary. The classic Japanese homes were devoid of distracting details and redundant elements of decor, and thus conducive to contemplation. Yanagi Sōetsu, a Japanese philosopher and founder of a folk craft movement, saw beauty in the functionality of everyday objects. The minimalist interior design, being a response to the abundance and opulence of decor trends, rejects excessive detailing and accumulation of furniture, focusing instead on a sense of spaciousness and the utility of the interior.

Minimalist Bedroom

In the minimalist style bedroom, the prime focus is on the bed - comfortable and preferably large - characterized by the simple form and lack of detailing. Choose bedroom furniture that is functional. Modest nightstands on either side of the bed will accommodate simple table lamps, bedside tables with drawers will help you store your essentials and keep the space clutter-free, while a spacious wardrobe with front mirrors will optically enlarge the room. The rule is to follow a neutral colour palette, especially calming greys and whites. White furniture and walls will fuse well with an upholstered grey divan bed and matching carpet. As regards lighting, go for chrome floor lamps of simple design or wooden table lamps with no ornamentation. What you get in the result is a spacious, orderly bedroom emanating an atmosphere of calm and relax.

Expert's advice

Minimalism is a style for those who appreciate harmony and order. Functionality is a key feature when choosing furniture, as here every item of the decor needs to serve a purpose. Beds should be comfortable, dining tables convenient, coffee tables practical and storage furniture spacious to accommodate whatever needs to be hidden so as to keep the space free of clutter. Even decorations, which are scarce, bear a functional trait - simple flower pots, vases, wall clocks. Whites and greys predominate, accompanied by other neutral colours, like beige, oak brown, and occasional black. Light and reflective surfaces, such as glass or chrome, play an important in optically enlarging the interior, and thus creating a sense of spaciousness. Such a minimalist style home, devoid of distracting elements, is a place to relax, calm down and recharge batteries.

A minimalist style dining room with a simple wooden dininig table and matching dining chairs. The white tableware and a vase with yellow flowers complete the look.


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