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    The modern style epitomizes functionality combined with simplicity. There are no accidental elements there - every item in the modern interior is there for a reason, has a clear function. If something has no purpose, it has no place in the modern style space. To stay true to the principles of the modern style, focus on simple forms of furniture, without unnecessary ornamentation, and keep them to a minimum, as spaciousness is the key feature here. Colour-wise, go for a monochromatic, neutral colour palette - warm earthy hues with emphasis on whites, cremes, beiges and browns. Avoid patterned fabrics. Choose natural materials - the modern style favours wood, metal, leather and concrete and combines them with reflective surfaces of chrome, glass or steel. In short, the modern style is all about minimalism, moderation and balance.
    A large white corner sofa in a spacious modern style living room. An elegant black gemstone-like coffee table is the focal point of the room. An upholstered beige armchair matches the dining chairs visible in the background. The room is decorated with graphite and copper cushions. A light grey carpet and white walls with wainscoting complete the look.

    Modern Living Room

    A modern style living room is, first and foremost, spacious. You can achieve this effect even in smaller spaces, by focusing on neutral colours and choosing simple furniture without much detailing - less ornamentation, warm monochromatic colours and no patterns equal an orderly, optically enlarged space. A simple beige corner sofa and matching armchairs on wooden legs will look the part in the modern living room. The modern style likes to combine natural materials like wood or leather with reflective surfaces, thus a simple wooden oak TV unit with sleek gloss fronts and a chrome frame coffee table with the glass top will blend perfectly with the rest of the modern style decor. Decorations are scarce, and if they appear, they bear some practical function, like a wooden or metal wall clock or a steel table lamp. Basically, the main idea is to create a harmonious interior devoid of clutter - a space that allows you to breathe and relax.

    Modern Dining Room

    A big, practical dining table is the focal point of the modern style dining room. The mix of natural materials and reflective surfaces, both a sturdy wooden table and a chrome shiny one with a glass top will nicely inscribe in the modern style aesthetics. Add wooden dining chairs, upholstered or with comfortable seat pads. Leave the space around the dining area uncluttered - after all, it’s the heart of your home, a place to relax and enjoy quiet meals with your friends and loved ones. Lighting is important - look for a practical, simple pending lamp with a light diffusing shade that will glow warmly over the dining table. Choose items in toned earthy colours, with emphasis on beiges and browns, and remember that the modern style favours minimalism. Decorations without a practical application are not too common. Instead, try to use accessories with purpose - a wooden wall clock, metal candle holders or a steel magazine rack. In short, keep it simple and functional.

    An round wooden table with elegant upholstered dining chairs in a spacious modern style dining room. Beige walls, brass candle holders on the table, a glass balustrade and wooden stairs complete the look.

    Did you know?

    The modern style originated at the beginning of the 20th century from the German Bauhaus architectural movement propagating the idea that form should follow function. The buildings were designed with the focus on their functional aspect, thus simple shapes and elimination of unnecessary ornamentation, as for Bauhaus architects functionality equalled beauty. This idea was later adopted by interior designers and introduced in their projects of furniture and general home aesthetics, turning into what we know as the modern interior design style.

    Modern Bedroom

    A bedroom arranged in line with the modern interior design style is characterized by simple forms, natural materials and toned neutral colours, enlivened by occasional reflective elements made of steel or glass. A king-size bed is naturally the most important element of the space. Choose an upholstered divan bed or a platform bed with a wooden frame. The modern style calls for functionality, like a convenient bedside table on casters and steel bedside lamp, complemented with an elegant metal base vanity table with a wooden top? Add a spacious sliding door wardrobe with sleek gloss fronts. The colour palette should remain neutral, yet warm - look for beige curtains or area rugs, white furniture, with more vivid colours appearing only as accents. Patterns and decorations are used with moderation, to bring a sense of tranquillity to the room, through the simplicity of shapes and the functionality of the furniture.

    Expert's advice

    The modern style has a thing for spaciousness. If you’re an owner of a smaller interior, there are a few tricks that will optically enlarge your living space. Paint your walls white - this colour wonderfully reflects light, which makes the interior look orderly and more spacious than it really is. A light colour floor gives a similar effect, just as mirrors - placed horizontally and vertically, they will make the room visually expand in every direction. Keep the furniture to a minimum, avoid clutter and unnecessary detailing, the same goes for impractical decorations - excessive ornamentation and abundance of decorative elements introduce chaos and confusion. For the same reason use neutral monochromatic colours and patternless fabrics. Modern style is all about simplicity and functionality with no frills - an ideal style for straightforward minimalists.

    A large beige corner sofa with a matching beige leather armchair in a modern style living room. Wooden floor panels, beige cushions on the sofa and a tripod floor lamp complete the modern look of the interior.
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