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    When we think about Scandinavia we immediately have this association of cold winters, snow and long nights. The Scandinavian interiors, however, are quite the opposite. The inhabitants of these northern territories have created their own sanctuaries as an antidote to the lack of sun and severe climate. Thus, their homes are full of light and very cosy. White and grey predominate the interior, complemented by subtle accents of écru, green and cool blue. Usual white walls and furniture gain a warm feel thanks to wooden elements, large quantities of cushions, blankets, rugs and carpets, and a drop of a more vivid colour that appears in the decorations. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool are a must. Typical Scandinavian style furniture is light, uncomplicated in form and comfortable. Basically, the Scandinavian style favours comfort and functionality - simple forms, natural materials and practical solutions that make life easier.
    A spacious bright living room with a comfortable white corner sofa. A burning bio fireplace, throw pillows and a rocking chair with a warm blanket add a homely feel to the interior.

    Scandinavian Living Room

    A living room is the heart of every home. In the Scandi style version, it is cozy and full of light. White walls, so common in Nordic design, brighten the room and give an impression of spaciousness even in smaller interiors. The coolness of the white is softened by decorations and accessories in warm pastel colours - mint, dusty pink, pale blue, shades of brown and grey. Add shine with brass and copper elements and metallic furniture finishes. Scandinavian decor favours all kinds of throws and rugs and cushions.Think of geometrical patterns, focus on natural materials: sheep skin, linen fabrics, wool and cotton. Choose lamps with wooden elements, paper or wicker lampshades. However, the focal point of a Nordic style living room is a comfortable simple shaped sofa with slanted wooden legs for a more airy look. Add a minimalist coffee table, a pair of comfy armchairs and a functional TV unit and you’ve created a perfect Scandinavian style living room.

    Scandinavian Dining Room

    Wooden tables and chairs, as in the Scandi furniture collection, epitomize the Scandinavian style, bringing harmony to your interior. When furnishing the dining room in the Scandinavian style, focus on natural materials. The heart of the dining room is a family table, usually of considerable size and of simple design, made of wood. Such a functional table can be nicely complemented by pastel colour chairs and fabrics accessories that will create even a more cozy look, a perfect place to spend time with the loved ones.

    A large wooden dining table  with tableware coupled with chairs in soothing pastel colours in a Scandinavian style dining room. Minimalist decorations on the wall and wooden elements perfectly complement the interior.

    Did you know?

    Before the Scandinavian style became recognisable worldwide, a Swedish painter Carl Larsson, at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, propagated simplicity of decor, carefully depicting in his works the cozy interiors that he and his wife created in their cottage. Those paintings influenced and inspired many interior designers and architects and the trend “à la Larsson” is known today as the Scandinavian style.

    Scandinavian Bedroom

    Wood is the main theme of the Scandinavian style. When choosing bedroom furniture, go for minimalist forms made of light colour wood. Scandinavian style furniture is all about comfort and functionality - a kingsize bed with a wooden frame, coupled with a comfortable mattress, scatter cushions and a cream wool bed throw will ideally inscribe in the Nordic style’s guidelines. Chests of drawers are a must in every Scandi style interior, especially due to their functionality. Their construction offers plenty of storage space for your bedding, clothes and other personal items. Ideally, choose a piece with high-raised slanted legs that give a sense of spaciousness and lightness. To give your Scandi bedroom a final touch, decorate it with scatter pillows and blankets in toned colours, focusing on natural fabrics like cotton, linen or wool for even a more cozy look.

    Expert's advice

    A home designed according to the principles of the Scandinavian style is ideal for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality. Subtle colours, harmony and calm is what defines this Nordic interior style. White colour is predominant: white curtains bring more light to the interior, while wooden floor panels optically enlarge it. If you feel good in bright, minimalist spaces, the Scandinavian style is the answer. Homely atmosphere, wood, austerity of the furnishing and spaciousness gained by the number of furniture kept to a minimum is the essence of the Scandinavian style.

    A light oak dining table in a Scandinavian style dining room. Fresh flowers in a glas vase on the table and black and white frame photographs on the wall complete the interior.
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