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    Shabby chic, with its pastel colour palette and abundance of ornamentation, is deemed the most romantic and feminine of all interior design styles. Here whites and creams make a background for powder pink sofas with frills, comfy armchairs upholstered in soft velvets, bright fluffy carpets and rugs, flowery cushions and blankets, decorative figurines of angels, ornamented picture frames and family heirlooms. Floral patterns and bird motifs are a must, be it upholstery, mural wallpapers, vase decorations or idyllic canvas prints. Shabby chic celebrates the old, thus furniture - wooden and often white-washed or creamy, along with wicker items and rusty looking metal elements, create a slightly nostalgic look of worn-out elegance. The whole decor should create a warm and cosy atmosphere of comfort that you remember from your Grandma’s home.
    A shabby chic living room in pastel colour palette. A white vintage coffee table with drawers, a comfortable creamy sofa and armchairs, and a wicker basket complete the look.

    Shabby Chic Living Room

    A shabby chic living room invites you to sink in a comfortable sofa and relax. The feeling of ease results mostly from the harmony of bright colour walls and white wooden furniture. The cosy character of the living room is further enhanced by splashes of pastel colours - a baby blue sofa, powder pink armchairs, a patterned fluffy carpets. Shabby chic cannot do without a fair amount of decorations and ornaments - colourful embroidered cushions, woollen rugs, floral room dividers or mural wallpapers, linen or cotton blankets and a plethora of trinkets or heirlooms. There’s always some place left for wicker elements, be it a storage basket or a jewellery box. To enjoy the comfortable feel, you need to make sure the whole room is well lit, thus a fancy chandelier and an elegant vintage floor lamp are in order. Finish the look with some pleasant wall art or canvas print with a romantic flower composition. Now you can enjoy the shabby chic living room in its entirety.

    Shabby Chic Dining Room

    A shabby chic dining room enchants with its cosiness and warmth. The white walls create a light airy feel to the interior. The main focus is obviously on the dining table - choose a white or creamy wooden one with a traditional or vintage look, and complement it with matching wooden dining chairs with a rustic flair. If you feel a bit more eccentric, those openwork wrought iron ones will add even more charm to the decor. Storage-wise, look for retro cupboards or cabinets with drawers or fancy knobs and throw in some wicker baskets. Keep the dining room well lit to fully enjoy the charming atmosphere of the room. Place a vintage wrought iron pendant lamp over the table and illuminate the corners with an elegant floor lamp - the one with a creamy lace lampshade will definitely hit the spot. To add an even more homely look and personal touch, you can decorate the space with your family porcelain tableware, silver candle holders, ot a lace tablecloth. Finish the look with a large mirror in a tarnished silver frame and enjoy the warm atmosphere of your shabby chic dining room.

    A bright dining room in a shabby chic style with a large dining table and wooden chairs. The worn-out looking cupoards and a crystal chandelier complete the look.

    Did you know?

    The term shabby chic was coined in 1989 by Rachel Ashwell, a British designer and a propagator of this interior design style in the United States. As a child, she observed her mother at work restoring antique dolls, and accompanied her father, an antique dealer, to flea markets in search of treasures. She grew to love the old and forgotten objects and learned how to give them a new life. Later she turned those experiences into business and taught people that the sentimental value of old furniture with all its imperfections is an asset and can perfectly inscribe into their modern lifestyles - a nice change in the world where everything is idealized and photoshopped. Her formula for shabby chic is simple: comfortable, cosy, vintage, and pretty.

    Shabby Chic Bedroom

    Shabby chic simply flourishes in bedrooms. Because of the romantic nature of the room, all the flowery patterns, laces and frills, so typical of shabby chic style, will look especially lovely. When decorating, focus on chalky colours - muted blues, pale pinks, taupes, and whites, especially on furniture. Walls in white or partly decorated with a delicate floral mural wallpaper is the right way to go. Choose furniture that is notably comfortable. A large wooden four poster bed or metal frame bed will perfectly inscribe into the shabby chic aesthetics. Flowery bedding will be in order here. Complement the look with an invitingly cosy armchair. A retro dresser with a mirror, a cushioned bench or a padded chest will further mark the vintage character of the space. A shabby chic bedroom cannot go without a fair amount of throw pillows in all the right colours, natural fabric blankets and fluffy bright rugs. A wicker basket, an atmospheric table lamp with a lace lampshade, and an old family photo on a nightstand will nicely complete the shabby chic look.

    Expert's advice

    Shabby chic appeals to the feminine and sentimental side of our nature, but it doesn’t mean it’s meant for women only. Everyone who appreciates an interior with an atmosphere of calm and harmony, with a spirit of the past pervading the air, will thrive in shabby chic decor. Pastel colours, so typical of this style, include not only pale pinks. Muted greens, faded blues, taupes and other chalky colours are equally welcome. Floral pattern aesthetics encompasses not only rosy petals and budding flowers but also green plants, herbs and weeds. This is a style that celebrates the past and sees value in the old, without discarding the modern. The main focus is on comfort, elegance and serenity - comfortable sofas, convenient storage cabinets, soft fabrics, accompanied by beautiful decorations, all placed against the background of bright walls. Generally, the idea behind shabby chic is to give the interior that cosy look that invites you to sink in a comfortable chair, let your mind wander, and relax.

    A bright shabby chic interior with white wooden coffee table, vintage style, and a maching chest of drawers. A pastel colour tufted armchairs, a patterned carpet in mutted colours and a number of cushions complete the look.
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