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    Interior Design Styles

    Every single one of us dreams of a beautiful home. But not everyone realizes this dream is within reach. To show you how easy it is to create a living space of your dreams, we have prepared a guide to the interior design styles. Find out how to decorate your home in retro style or how to imitate the simplicity of the Scandinavian homes. Get inspired by loft spaces and industrial influences straight from New York or glamour trends of the Parisian parlours. Learn the peculiarities of every trend and see how to choose the right furniture and accessories to best reflect the interior style you favour. Let’s get started!
    An elegant Scandinavian style living room with grey walls and a white sofa. Throw pillows on the sofa add a cozy feel to the interior, black and white framed photographs, a metal floor lamp and a white coffee table complete the look.

    Scandinavian Style

    The Scandinavian style is one of the most popular interior design styles. It is extremely simple, functional and incredibly cozy. It refers to the Danish lifestyle philosophy of hygge, which literarily means comfort. Find out more about the style favoured by the descendants of Vikings.

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    A colourful carpet and a light pink sofa in a boho style living room. Decorative pillows on the sofa and a wooden coffee table complete the look.

    Boho Style

    The boho style is all about imagination, bold colours and unobvious combinations and contrasts. If the flower power of the 60s runs through your veins and you feel rebellious against rigid rules and guidelines, the boho style might be your thing. Find out what this colourful interior design style has to offer.

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    A wooden coffee table coupled with a matching wooden end table in a farmhouse style living room. A checkered sofa with brown and flowery cushions, a comfortable beige armchair with footstool and a brown area rug on a wooden panelled floor complete the look.

    Farmhouse Style

    The farmhouse style might appeal to those who favour simple interiors with an idyllic hint - natural materials, hand-made decorations, oversized furniture and warm earthy colours. Have a look to find out if the rustic trend is your cup of tea.

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    A large grey corner sofa and a wooden coffee table and a modern beige armchair in an elegant industrial style interior with brick walls. A dining area with a wooden dining table and metal chairs are visible in the background. Industrial style pending lamps and a matching metal table lamp complete the look.

    Industrial Style

    Are you fond of large spaces? The more minimalist the better, but with a modern edge? The industrial style combines austerity, elegance and modernity. If you’re an artistic soul thriving in open-air spaces, an industrial style space will definitely appeal to you. Think of New York loft apartments you often see in movies and check how to get the same effect.

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    A pink sofa, a glass top coffee table in a vintage style behaviour. A decorative pillow and a retro chest of drawers with elegantly carved fronts, a stack of books and a flower in a pot complete the vintage look.

    Vintage Style

    Vintage style celebrates the past, drawing, at the same time, from the present. It combines this nostalgic charm of the times passed with modern aesthetics. It’s proof that stylish designs, just as wine, never get old; on the contrary, they get better with time. Discover with us the intricacies of this timeless interior design style.

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    A grey corner sofa with matching pillows, a coffee table with flowers and a dark carpet on the floor in a modern style living room combined with a dining area. Simple pending lamps over a kitchen island and black barstools complete the look.

    Modern Style

    The modern style loves functionality and simplicity. You won’t find here any fancy detailing, unnecessary adornments or elements that have no purpose. It’s all about simple, clean lines, neutral colours and natural materials set in an airy, spacious interior. If such a combination of calm, harmony and practicality appeals to you, have a look at the modern style characteristics in more detail.

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    A living room in a glamour style with grey brick walls. Stylish tufted grey sofas on elevated slanted wooden legs, a matching comfortable powder pink armchair, two round side tables on wooden legs, a pouf, a grey coffee table with decorative pieces and a cream carpet in the center of the room complement the decor.

    Glamour Style

    The glamor style is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood. This is the quintessence of splendour and luxury with which the silver screen of the 1940s and 1950s seduced the audience. Glamour means luster and magnificence. If elegant majestic interiors appeal to you, discover the charm of glamour style and feel like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.

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    A cozy living room in retro style with a light colour sofa and many decorations, mostly in shades of pink. A copper side table and a rectangular coffee table in the middle, vases with flowers on both, pale pink curtains and elegant scatter pillows complete the look.

    Retro Style

    Traditional meets modern to result in a cozy interior, where everyone feels like home - that’s retro style in a nutshell. In more detail, you get bright colours, lots of decorations, scatter pillows, a variety of textures and patterns, as well as traditional furniture and old school decorations balanced by their contemporary counterparts. If that sounds interesting, take a closer look.

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    A Beach House style living room in whites, greys and blues. Patterned carpet, checkered cushions ad armchair upholstery complement the interior.

    Beach House Style

    Imagine warm golden sand, beautiful endless sea and a ship silhouette on the horizon. You can almost feel the breeze on your cheeks and hear seagulls cawing... If this image fills you with intense longing for seaside, Beach House style will provide you with great ideas on how to introduce this unique coastal atmosphere to your interior.

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    A colonial style living room with a wooden floor and ceiling and an antler wall decor over the fireplace.

    Colonial Style

    Distant corners of the world hold a special allure for you? A keen traveller, you like exploring the unknown and hoarding souvenirs from your exotic trips to remind you about all the unusual places you have visited? Let the colonial style inspire you to create this exotic atmosphere in your own home.

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    A living room in the minimalist style with white walls, a bright carpet and a light grey corner sofa. The simple metal coffee tables complete the look.

    Minimalist Style

    Do you like organized uncluttered spaces, where everything has its right place? If so, you will surely like the minimalist style, where toned colours of furniture, simple forms and open spaces create a harmonious functional interior. If ‘less is more’ is your idea of a well-arranged interior, than take a closer look at what the minimalist style has to offer.

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    A bright living room in a shabby chic style with a comfortable white sofa, full of decorative throw pillows and a beige blanket. The white coffee table with flowers and wicker elements complete the look.

    Shabby Chic Style

    Shabby chic is when vintage meets modern. Very feminine and cozy, this style favours flowery patterns, lace, embroidery, and bright pastel colours, especially white and powder pink. Decorations and furniture bear a rusty charm of old times, while sentimentality and romance permeate shabby chic interiors. Have a look at how you can add such comfortable appeal to your home.

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