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    The climate of the 1950s appeals to you? You’re a treasure hunter collecting old cabinets, vinyl records or rotary dial telephones? Do you love colours and patterns? Then the vintage style is your thing! The best way to create a vintage space is to combine old and new - old style dresser and a modern TV stand, a ceramic table lamp with a large lampshade and a minimalist computer desk, a worn-out looking armchair and state-of-the-art coffee table, the choice is yours. Play with materials - mix wood and plastic. Don’t be afraid of colour - the more vivid the better; geometrical and plant patterns are also welcome.
    A worn-out leather sofa with a matching leather seat, decorated with cusions in a vintage style living room. A retro print on the wall, a grey carpet and wooden furniture characteristic of the 50s complete the vintage look of the interior.

    Vintage Living Room

    A vintage style living room welcomes all the furniture and items that tell a story, have signs and cracks to prove they’ve been part of some other life. Any lanterns, vases, chests of drawers, etc you found on your grandparents’ attic or at the flea market will give that cozy atmosphere of nostalgia. The vintage style favours natural materials: wood, stone, bricks, and natural fabrics. Colour-wise, choose rather toned colours, greys and browns, saving the more vivid colours for accent pieces, like a red or yellow shade floor lamp, patterned cushions, old movie posters or cult wall prints. Vintage style loves floral accents, be it on the throw blankets, pillows, room dividers or mural wallpapers. In terms of furniture, the focus is on upholstered sofas, cozy soft chairs and footstools, vintage wooden coffee tables and wall units. A discreet carpet on the floor nicely complements the whole lived-in look of the vintage interior.

    Vintage Dining Room

    When choosing the furniture to your vintage style dining room, draw your inspiration form the past decades, especially the 40s and 50s. Rustic wood is the key material to focus on - natural wood floor panels, a sturdy, yet elegant wooden table on carved legs and matching dining chairs, milled kitchen cupboards, and even decorations and accessories, like trays, picnic baskets or wall clocks. However, the colour plays an important role as well - yellow painted chairs with patterned seat pads or upholstered stools will highlight the vintage character of the interior. Complete the look and add a warm atmosphere to this heart of every home by hanging an understated chandelier above the dining table. What you get as a result is a stylish, yet functional space, where the past, represented by shapes and forms, meets the modern, reflected in the bold combination of materials and aesthetics.

    Did you know?

    The word ‘vintage’ originally referred to expensive, high-quality wine made of grapes harvested in one particular year. With time, the term found its second life in the fashion industry to describe projects inspired by previous eras. Nowadays ‘vintage’ is also present in the interior design. It is used to denote a style that offers a lasting value inspired by the past - items of high quality that gain worth and nobility as they grow old, just like good wine.

    A metal framed bed with beige linen and throws in a vintage style bedroom. Beige walls with wainscoting, a retro nightstand with a metal table lamp and a metal console complete the look.

    Vintage Bedroom

    A vintage style bedroom equals appealingly old-fashioned furniture and decorations in toned colours. The vintage style is inspired by the past decades, each with its own characteristics. It’s like taking the most appealing bits and combining it into our own individualistic whole, hence the mixing of materials and forms - metal, brass, wood, plastic. NNo one should be surprised then that a metal frame bed, a natural focal point of the room, is coupled with a quirky bedside table with fancy knobs and curved legs, and a retro dressing table with a wooden chair. A plastic shade table lamp and a glamorous chandelier may nicely complement the whole vintage look. Top it all off with atmospheric decorations - a set of photo frames you found in your grandma’s attic, a mirror in an ornamented frame and patterned cushions. Use your creativity to evoke the charm of the previous eras.

    Expert's advice

    The vintage style appeals to those who appreciate timeless elegance and the charm of old things harmoniously arranged in a space free from exaggeration and overload. Moderation is the key here - the beautiful, old-fashioned furniture and decorations do not dominate the space, but discreetly define it, introducing a welcoming feel to the interior. The simplicity of forms meets ornamented details to create a noble, heart-warming look.

    A grey sofa with a 50's looking wooden coffee table and a patterned armchair. Pale pink and beige throw pillows, a patterned area rug and plants complete the look.
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